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Supporting programs to improve oceans and small fishing communities.

Blue Star Foods

Premium seafood products that chefs love

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What makes Blue Star crab meat better?

Fresh Live Crabs, Expertly Cooked
We use the freshest live crabs in our products, and we steam instead of boil, preserving the premium flavor and texture.
Patented Eco-Fresh Foil Pouches
Our patented pouch technology preserves the flavor and reduces waste – it has saved over 866 tons of metal can packaging!
Data-Driven Supply Chain
And our traceability initiatives allow for fully traceable seafood, from landing site to plate.

Why should you put more seafood on your menu?

Well, we have a few ideas. Americans are eating more seafood than ever before. Make sure you make the most of this continuing trend by serving the types of seafood consumers love.

Healthy Protein

Consumers are turning towards seafood and plant based proteins as American diets change, especially among younger demographics.

More Pescetarians

According to the magazine The Grocer, over 4 percent of adults are pescetarian in Great Britain, more than doubling since 2012. This trend is also happening across America.

Increased Consumption

Compared to how Americans were eating decades ago, we are seeing a upward trend in total seafood consumption. That’s great for both our health and your sales!


Working towards a more sustainable fishery​

By purchasing our products, you directly support programs working towards improving ocean health.